Truckee Hotels

Let’s start talking about the range of Truckee hotels from the Ritz end. As in Ritz Carlton. As in super luxurious, located mid-mountain at the Northstar California Resort and offering close to 170 deluxe rooms and executive suites. It’s gorgeous, big and filled with every amenity you might need. Then, let’s go to Truckee accommodations that have stood the test of time and are popular year-round places to stay. Two of these, River Street Inn and Truckee Hotel, were housing guests before they could fly into Reno then drive into town – in other words, before there were planes and automobiles, more than 130 years and 140 years respectively. Can you imagine what Truckee accommodations were like then? Or what the town (not incorporated until the 1990s) of Truckee was like then?

Between Truckee hotels that were new in 2009, as the Ritz was, and those that are coming up on a century and a half old, you have other choices. In Sierra Nevada style, several of those options are campgrounds, both near the Truckee River, one of which is open in the winter. Brrrr, that takes some cold-weather constitution.

Truckee Hotels Are For The Adventurous

One of the absolute coolest Truckee hotels is the Lost Trail Lodge. It’s off the grid, and to reach it you have to hike 4 miles into a canyon. Then there’s the Clair Tappaan Lodge that was built by Sierra Club volunteers in 1934 and that can accommodate up to 145 people.

Adding to the Truckee hotel scene is a super-appealing place, Cedar House Sport Hotel, that specializes in helping its guests set up any sporting activity they want to try and also provides a perfect-timing wine and app reception every night. The Truckee Donner Lodge, with its location at the base of Coldstream Canyon, attracts hikers, bikers and trail runners.

Truckee Hotels by Category and Location

Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge

Truckee Place to Stay
10960 W. River Street, Unit 106-E, Truckee, CA
(530) 582-7268

Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge is exactly what it sounds like – a resort for your cat or dog, pet-boarding style. On the cat side of things, you can board more

Truckee-Tahoe Pet Lodge is exactly what it sounds like – a resort for your more

With the north shore of Lake Tahoe less than a 15-minute drive away, Hampton Inn & Suites in Truckee is ideally located for a visit to Big Blue or more

Rustic is a word too often tossed around when marketing people try to describe their lodging properties. But for real rustic, head to the Lost Trail more