Kings Beach

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Kings Beach is the epitome of that funky little beach town that seems to never change. Its main road (CA Highway 28) is lined with old-timey hotels, cool shops and a good choice of restaurants. You can see Lake Tahoe from most places in town, and because of the easy access to this watery centerpiece and all its fun activities, summer is the time that shines in this small California town. On any given hot day, the beach at Kings Beach shows why it is king, with visitors and locals alike spreading out towels along the shore and diving into the cool, crystal clear waters of Lake Tahoe. There are numerous places where you can rent kayaks and paddleboards. Or if you want a little more action, venture off on one of the many hiking trails on foot or via bike. It’s wall to wall and tons of fun, especially with special events that happen here such as the July 3rd Fireworks and Beach Party. Seeing those bright, sparkling colors explode across the lake is a sight to behold, for sure. Most of the Kings Beach things to do center around this relationship to the lake, but golf is also a draw as is attention to wellness. Winter activities are plentiful too.

Despite the obvious draw of the royalty-level beach, the name of the town was not based on that accolade. Local lore has it that the name Kings Beach originated from a card shark named Joe King who won the town in a poker match. Quite the haul, right?

Keeping the Kings Beach Vibe

While we said that this place seems to never change, the truth of it is that we sort of lied about that. While the personality is still that of a hip, laid back beach town, the structure of the town is changing. The central road is being widened. Some of the Mom and Pop hotels are being torn down and replaced with 21st century alternatives. Change is inevitably coming as it seems to do everywhere. But that doesn’t mean that the place is being overly gussied up. Restaurants still welcome diners with sand on their feet. The uniqueness of Kings Beach shops is still clear to anyone who wanders the streets. And the people you see who spend time here, whether year round or for a cherished week, are still the ones who make you feel like you can just be yourself. 

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