Truckee Activities & Programs

Truckee activities put the “active” in “activities.” Between the mountains, lake and the various fitness centers, you’ll get your blood pumping and heart pounding in no time. Try an invigorating mountain trek on snowshoes by the light of the moon. Or when the snow finally melts, let Truckee activities get you out on Lake Tahoe with kayak and SUP rentals. If you’d prefer to stay active with a group or in a more organized setting, try a fitness class that exposes you to a variety of workouts, ranging from hot-room yoga to Barre. Maybe you stay active just because you like to be fit, or maybe you’re building up to a certain Truckee programs, like a serious sporting event, in which case, you might want to explore the offerings of training clinics. Whichever it is, you can find Truckee activities to enjoy. Truckee programs, with their varying levels of intensity, can also help you perfect a skill or try something new. Master your follow-through on the golf course or take a chance on rock climbing. There are many family-friendly options too. The kids can enjoy rock-climbing sessions, horse rides or even a quick pick-up game of basketball.

Truckee Activities Are More Than Sports

When you want a break from all of the physical activity, check out Truckee’s art culture with glass-fusing workshops, family painting sessions and other arts and crafts classes. You can immerse yourself in the area’s history with tours around locations or visits to museums. Or take it easy by kicking back under the nighttime canopy of stars as you learn about the constellations and how to identify planets. Truckee activities are just a selection of all the other Truckee Things to Do, so if any pique your interest, be sure to check out that page for more of the fun.

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