Truckee Events & Nightlife

Food, friends and activities are all you need for a good time with Truckee events and other nightlife. Truckee’s nightlife scene has a little bit of it all: outdoor adventures, games, art, live entertainment, markets and festivals. Watch the sun set from the view of your kayak out on Lake Tahoe, or explore the starry sky with guided telescope tours. Stir up a little friendly competition with your family and friends between games of trivia complemented by brews or pizza. Truckee nightlife celebrate the town’s arts community, and you can enjoy Truckee events like theater productions and live music provided by local musicians at indoor and outdoor venues. If you find yourself itching to join the fun, grab your guitar, tambourine, accordion or other instrument of choice and make your way to an open mic night. Or get in touch with your inner Picasso and try evening painting sessions. The best part is bringing home your own finished product at the end of the night. Truckee nightlife also works to bring its community together with evening farmers markets and festivals that embrace local creations and culture. These downtown Truckee events are often accompanied by live music, shops opening their doors after hours, vendors showcasing their wares and other bursts of activity happening in the street.

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This page is updated regularly as new Truckee events emerge, so make sure you check back to stay up to date on your options. Whether it’s grabbing some good food, checking out live music or getting together with a group of friends for a fun activity happening at a nearby business, you’ll keep entertained with Truckee nightlife. If the night takes you to the towns beyond Truckee, read up on their evening happenings with Lake Tahoe This Week’s Nightlife page, your guide to all of Lake Tahoe’s dusk-to-dawn fun.

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