Lake Tahoe Weather

Lake Tahoe weather is a bit extreme since the lake is in an alpine setting, ranging from the high 90s at the peak of a hot summer day to well below freezing as the snow pack increases. The general rule at Lake Tahoe is to dress in layers and always have a warm jacket nearby. During the winter, the weather at Lake Tahoe varies from blizzard conditions to clear, crisp sunny days, and it's always cold. The sun might shine clear in the morning and by afternoon you might find another foot of snow on the ground. 

Spring is slow at the lake, but as the snow begins to melt in the slightly warmer weather, the sun shines a bit softer and the weather begins to clear. But don't be surprised if you plan a spring getaway to Tahoe in May to find a full-on snowstorm and several inches on the roads. Some years the ski resorts stay open through Memorial Day. 

Summer brings much higher temperatures during the day, from 70s through low 100s, with hot sunny days and fluffy white clouds. The mornings are chilly, and the evenings chill to cold nights.

You can expect fall to fly by, moving from hot summer days to chilly almost-winter weather in no time. Fall is a great time to hike around the lake, as the cooler weather allows for more mid-day activity and the wildlife is quite stunning this time of year. Be sure when planning a trip to Lake Tahoe that you check the weather forecast beforehand and pack accordingly, but know that you will always be able to find weather-appropriate gear and activities when you get to Lake Tahoe.