North Shore & Kings Beach Hotels

If you've never been here and have jumped straight to this section on Kings Beach hotels without reading our other sections, you might not know, yet, about the personality of this North Shore town. Well, well, well ... you're in for a treat. This is the funkiest, friendliest, laid backiest little town you'll find in the West. And the Kings Beach lodgings you find here carry the same adjectives. You have cabins tucked back under trees and lodges with homey touches. There are the throw-back Kings Beach hotels that your parents could have stayed in that have been refurbished to modernity but have kept their charm. You won’t find a lot like them left! 

Kings Beach hotel options also include resorts with plenty of amenities like water sports rentals, fireplaces, fully equipped kitchens, swimming pools, hot tubs and more. Some of these are just steps away from the lake, with beautiful beaches and easy access to the area's main attraction. Some of these beaches are even private — imagine that ... your own little piece of heaven with only the other resort guests as neighbors.

And only in this cool, lakeside town will you find a Kings Beach lodging that's actually a hostel. But the list of extras offered here makes it seem a lot more like a resort: free WiFi, continental breakfast, a big library, patio area with BBQ and picnic tables and even free parking. Check it out!

Kings Beach Hotels are Wedding Ready

Including North Shore Hotels

If you're planning a Lake Tahoe wedding, there are Kings Beach hotels that are perfect for the ceremony and reception. But if you've already booked the church, the plethora of options here can accommodate every attending guest, whether they want quirky or top of the line.

Kings Beach Hotels by Category

Brockway Springs Resort

9200 Brockway Springs Drive, Kings Beach, CA
(530) 546-4201

Brockway Springs Resort is a special lodging opportunity on the north shore of Lake Tahoe. One of the main reasons that it is unique is that it's one of the only places connected to the little-known hot springs of Lake Tahoe. The springs heat Brockway Springs' year-round pool. Beyond that, Brockway Springs is situated in such a way that it's isolated and private yet at... read more

Ferrari’s Crown Resort

8200 North Lake Tahoe Boulevard, Kings Beach, CA
(530) 546-3388
(800) 645-2260

While most of the motels erected during the boom of the 1960 Olympics have shut down (and are now falling victim to the wrecking ball), Ferrari’s Crown Resort has managed to keep its foothold on the shore of Lake Tahoe. Over the decades it has acquired surrounding properties and merged them into a compound of buildings with a total of 71 rooms in different configurations.... read more

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort

6834 North Lake Boulevard, Tahoe Vista, CA
(530) 546-9500

Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort is a family-owned lodge that provides the full array of necessities for a family-fun Lake Tahoe vacation. The resort is a culmination of 32 rooms and 250 feet of private waterfront. The rooms are all modern, spacious and comfortable, and each has its own special unobstructed view of Lake Tahoe. Rentable for group events like weddings, family reunions or business meetings, the... read more