Squaw Valley Hotels

Including Alpine Meadows

Options for Squaw Valley hotels are correctly seen by visitors as being upscale. Wonder why? Squaw Valley proudly hosted the 1960 Winter Olympics, an event still easy to appreciate on snowy slopes and trails developed for the games. Remember Walt Disney? Yes, that Mickey Mouse-creating Walt Disney. He served as the Chairman of the Olympics’ pageantry. The magic he insisted upon is still found at the dozens of Squaw Valley lodgings, including hotels, motels and bed and breakfast inns available in this section near north Lake Tahoe. Luxuries, even beyond old Walt’s imagination, are commonplace at Squaw Valley hotels. Extravagances, like the Squaw Valley Village’s heated floors, are amenities anyone can appreciate. Guests staying in a bed and breakfast find them well equipped to enhance any vacation.

Enjoying nature is why everyone, from extreme sports enthusiasts to those simply motoring through it, comes to Lake Tahoe. Ranking high are miles of world-class snow ski and boarding runs. Grab the action just outside the ski-in/ski-out entrances of some Squaw Valley hotels such as Squaw Valley Lodge. History is also a big draw, and staying at a Squaw Valley hotel provides easy access to attractions and views, whether you’re interested in Northern California’s Gold Rush, the Donner Party or transcontinental train history.

Squaw Valley Hotels Are Popular

Including Alpine Meadows Hotels

Reservations are a must here in Squaw Valley. Do not be fooled into thinking the off seasons do not require them. Plenty of festivals, attractions and activities keep Squaw Valley hotel rooms booked year-round. A delay on your part could mean having to forfeit this Lake Tahoe destination. No one wants that. Hop online or on the phone to book today. Become a winner — Olympic-style.

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Squaw Valley Hotels by Category

Olympic Village Inn

1909 Chamonix Place, Olympic Valley, CA
(530) 581-6000

Tucked in close to the ski area, but still a little bit out of the hustle and bustle of the Village at Squaw Valley's sometimes hectic atmosphere, Olympic Village Inn is a high-end lodge perfect for families. Decorated as if centered in the Alps, the property is unique in that it is fairly spread out, accentuated with water features and natural garden areas. Included is... read more

Tucked in close to the ski area, but still a little bit out of the... read more

The Village at Squaw Valley

1750 Village East Road, Olympic Valley, CA
(800) 403-0206

The Village at Squaw Valley is northern California's example of a ski hamlet, offering a little bit for everyone. The rooms all have views of the mountains and are located a few steps from the various base area ski lifts. Rooms are situated above the plethora of shops and restaurants with balconies looking out over the hustle and bustle below. The variety of restaurants and... read more

The Village at Squaw Valley is northern California's example of a ski hamlet, offering a... read more