Lake Tahoe Magazine Articles - Issue 1

Strength for the Slopes

By Molly Harrison
Barton Center for Orthopedics & Wellness can help keep your body in tip-top skiing shape. For every 1,000 skiers who hit the slopes on any given day, three of them will suffer an injury, according to the National Ski Areas Association. For snowboarders, that number climbs to seven. Knee injuries are the most... Read More

Redefining Tahoe Time

By Beth Ingalls
With the launch of The Idle Hour Wine Bar and Events in South Lake Tahoe, the entrepreneurial dream team of Karen Walsh and Steve Dunham has succeeded in putting a positive spin on downtime. In one of the premier recreation-centered destinations in the world, where the push to fill every hour of every day with a... Read More

Electric Vehicle Travel Made Easy in Lake Tahoe

By Shanie Matthews
Lake Tahoe is best seen by car. The road that encircles our beautiful, watery jewel is a road worthy of writing home about, as the saying goes. The views are stupendous. The trailheads are numerous. And the boutique shops, delectable dining and exciting resorts to visit while venturing along the journey are like no... Read More

Vibrant Aging with Mark Shuey of Cane Masters

By Shanie Matthews
What do you desire most as you progress through life? Are good health and serene stillness on that list? As our years progress, there is one thing that rings true: Creating a healthier body creates a happier life. How to engage that happiest, healthiest self with the passing of time is one of the most important life... Read More

The Best Family Vacation Ever . . . With a Little Help From Stay in Lake Tahoe Rentals

By Shanie Matthews
The smile is mesmerizing. You have never witnessed your child with a grin so massive. It literally takes up the entire expanse of her excited face. Your idea to take a family vacation in California’s land of clear mountain lakes, robust forests and snow-capped peaks is showing itself to be an opportunity of connection... Read More