Lake Tahoe Articles

Discover the Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

By Shanie Matthews
Situated under the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range, Lake Tahoe is a skiing and snowboarding paradise. The area is blessed with truly impressive skiing and snowboarding opportunities. No matter what side of the lake you are on, there is a Lake Tahoe ski resort there, ready to show you the thrill of gravity-fed fun on... Read More

Lake Tahoe Cross-Country Skiing: Where to Go

By Shanie Matthews
When you visit the beautiful Lake Tahoe region in winter, it is immediately evident that this is a playground of snowy outdoor fun. Lake Tahoe is known for its ski and snowboard resorts, but there is another form of gliding on snow that also deserves equal attention: cross-country skiing. Lake Tahoe cross-country... Read More

SoL Cannabis, A One-of-a-Kind Dispensary

By Kayla Anderson
On a sunny Saturday autumn afternoon in the peaceful ranchland of Washoe City, Jelly Bread band members are strumming their guitars and singing soulful tunes on a small stone platform set up in front of a perfectly manicured lawn. Properly socially distanced folding chairs provide seating for those who want to dance... Read More

Family Friendly Lake Tahoe Beaches

By Hannah Lee
If you’re wondering where to take the kids on the weekend or during your family vacation in Tahoe, the answer is best found in the great outdoors. And in the warmer months, it’s a no brainer: a Lake Tahoe beach. No matter where you are in Tahoe, you don’t have to look long or hard to find a nearby beach. That said,... Read More

Lake Tahoe Beaches: West Shore

By Hannah Lee
Small but vibrant communities dot State Route 89 alongside the West Shore of Lake Tahoe. The half of the lake has a reputation for cultivating a vibe that’s a bit more relaxed and slower paced than the towns and cities in the southern and eastern sections of the lake, such as South Lake Tahoe and Stateline. The people... Read More