Lake Tahoe Articles

How to Improve Your Mountain Biking

By Ryan Carr, EdD, CSCS, CMPC
Mountain biking is an exciting sport with a variety of physical and psychological demands. On Tahoe’s world class trails, riders maneuver their bikes at fast speeds, corner within inches of obstacles like trees and boulders, drop off elevated pitches, and rumble through rock gardens. It’s a sport that requires... Read More

A Deeper Look into Your Knee Pain

By Kyle Swanson, MD, FAAOS
Knee arthritis is one of the most common diseases to affect adults over the age of 50. It can seriously impact a person’s mobility, making it difficult to enjoy everyday movements like standing, walking, and exercising. There are many causes that can lead to arthritis including trauma and rheumatological conditions,... Read More

Biking Your Way to Better Health

By Harrison Brown, DPT
Riding a bicycle offers many physical and mental health benefits. Cycling is a cardiovascular workout that burns calories and targets your lower body muscles while minimizing the stress on your joints, knees, and hips, making it a great low impact cross-training activity. Considering the price of fuel these days,... Read More

Back On Track for Summer Activities

By Dr. Greg Berkard Jr.
During colder months, it can be challenging to maintain normal workouts, and most people regress even if they’ve stuck to a regular fitness routine. To complicate this reality, the muscles, tendons, and ligaments of the back can tighten and become less flexible, making them more injury-prone. Before you spring into... Read More

Pinpointing Relief for Acute Low Back Pain

By Dr. Greg Berkard Jr.
Extensive snow removal can take a toll on your body, as repeated movements like shoveling the weight of snow is strenuous on your back. It causes weaker muscles to do more work and overstretches the spine's ligaments, causing lower back pain or strain. Most back pain gradually improves within a few weeks after home... Read More