Lake Tahoe Articles

Come Visit . . . And Bring the Dog

By Beth Storie
Everyone loves to visit Lake Tahoe. Scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, both indoors and outside, make this region one of the world’s top destination spots. It’s only natural that vacationers also want to share the experience with their non-human companions, but traveling to Tahoe with a canine companion... Read More

Tahoe Tap — The Best of the Best

By R. Keith Rugg
Tahoe is a place where you expect to indulge yourself. Whether you are vacationing here, are a seasonal resident or live in the area all year long, you want to spend your time in a luxurious setting, eat the finest foods and enjoy world-class entertainment. But you may be surprised to learn that this same best of the... Read More

Bear Smart In Lake Tahoe

By R. Keith Rugg
It's hard to imagine someone visiting or living at Lake Tahoe who doesn't appreciate and respect nature. A large part of the reason that so many people choose to be here is the chance to enjoy the trees, mountains and wildlife of the High Sierra. So when people engage in behavior that is harmful to these aspects of... Read More

Three Great Lake Tahoe Hikes on the West Shore

By Tahoe Staff
Lake Tahoe hiking is one of the area's biggest draws. You don't have to be a seasoned mountain man or woman to enjoy these hikes!Emerald BayEmerald Bay is home to historic Vikingsholm, an authentic reproduction of an 800 A.D. Norse castle built here in 1929. There is a paved trail down, but for parents with strollers... Read More

A Brief Lake Tahoe History Lesson

By Tahoe Staff
Here's a quick Lake Tahoe history primer. Before John C. Fremont found Lake Tahoe in February 1844, the alpine mountain lake was known only to nomadic Native American tribes who journeyed to Tahoe to collect medicinal plants, fish the cool blue water, hunt and gather materials for tools. Then Fremont sighted Tahoe... Read More