Tahoe Marijuana

With the passage of Proposition 64 in November of 2016, the rules surrounding marijuana in Tahoe (and in all of California) changed, basically making recreational use and possession of up to one ounce legal. That said, there’s still a lot of question as to how each town or city carries out this new approach to weed and products. You should not assume that, because of Prop 64, you can smoke anywhere. In fact, it’s still basically illegal to use marijuana in Tahoe in public places, while driving or on school grounds. Neither can you have an open container of pot in your vehicle, be you the driver or the passenger, similar to the rules surrounding alcohol. And you absolutely can’t have marijuana in Tahoe on any federal property – that’s a big no no. As the state lawmakers work toward a regulated system by January 1, 2018, you need to make sure you’re an informed citizen to stay on the right side of the law. It probably goes without saying, but you must be at least 21 to purchase.

Medical Marijuana in Tahoe

Prop 64 didn’t change the use of medical marijuana in Tahoe much. It’s still legal to purchase this from dispensaries so long as you have a California doctor’s recommendation. Note that says a California doctor — your doc’s ok from another state will not work here. As with the adult use cannabis (sometimes referred to as recreational), make sure you are consulting totally up to date regs if you have any questions concerning legality since those rules seem to be a’changing.