Lake Tahoe Articles

Lake Tahoe Beaches: South Shore

By Hannah Lee
Lake Tahoe’s vibrant South Shore burns with energy. As Tahoe’s most populated area, it draws folks with the scenic environment, thriving arts scene and, of course, lake accessibility and all the recreation that it includes. South Lake Tahoe beaches, both in the city and along the South Shore, offer plentiful... Read More

Lake Tahoe Camping Spots

By Tahoe Staff
Lake Tahoe is the place to camp. To camp by a sandy beach, deep underneath the pine trees or wedged on a hillside with the mountain mahogany, you just have to reserve a spot, pack the car and back ‘er in.Lake Tahoe campgrounds have that extended family feel, and you’re sure to make friends with your neighbors before... Read More

Family Friendly Lake Tahoe Beaches

By Tahoe Staff
Wondering where to take the kids this Saturday? Why not go to a Lake Tahoe beach, and even better to a beach that has clean bathrooms, convenient parking, soft sand and maybe even a snack bar.If you get going early enough, you’ll make it into Sand Harbor State Park before the parking lot fills up. With two distinct... Read More

How to Handle Lake Tahoe's Snowy Roads

By Tahoe Staff
It’s going to be really hard to read our Lake Tahoe winter driving tips if you’re in mid-spin over a patch of black ice, so why not read them now! Be prepared for those icy roads.Allow enough time. Trips to the mountains can take longer during winter than other times of the year, especially if you encounter storm... Read More

Flying into the Reno/Lake Tahoe Region

By Tahoe Staff
Chances are, if you are flying to Lake Tahoe, you will fly over the lake and land in Reno at the Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). This international airport serves nearly 4 million passengers per year. Once landed, Tahoe-bound passengers make the 45-minute trek to Lake Tahoe over scenic ridges and highways.If... Read More