Lake Tahoe Articles

The Skinny on Lake Tahoe’s Nude Beaches

By Tahoe Staff
Tired of swimming in trunks? Left your bikini at the hotel? Or do you just really prefer to sunbathe au naturale? Here’s the scoop to the best Lake Tahoe nude beaches.The first cluster is on the East Shore, about 6 miles north of Highway 50 on Highway 28 where you’ll see a parking lot on the lake side. Park there, and... Read More

Lake Tahoe Winter Driving Tips: Chain Requirements

By Tahoe Staff
Snow chains are a smart investment. You do not want to be caught on the side of the road during a big snow storm without them. Even with a four-wheel-drive, it’s nice to have tire chains for those extra icy conditions. Be aware that chain requirements change as snow conditions change.   Lake Tahoe Chain Requirements... Read More