Palisades Tahoe Events & Nightlife

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When the sun sinks into the mountains and the stars start to peek out in the sky, a new side of this town emerges in the form of Palisades Tahoe events and nightlife. You probably think of Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley as a pretty sporty town, but it has a rich arts community that comes to life in the evenings. Warm, summer nights bring with them the funky rhythms and soulful chords of blues music. Locals and visitors come out to enjoy Palisades Tahoe events such as outdoor concerts provided by acclaimed musicians passing through the area. In fact, even the local businesses get excited about Palisades Tahoe events. Restaurants get you fed and to the music as efficiently as possible. They even bring their beers, wines and spirits to the festival for music lovers to sample. Vendors and lodgings offer special sales around this Palisades Tahoe event. If you want more of Palisades Tahoe’s events and art culture but with a twist of the area’s characteristic athletic side, a film series gives you the best of both worlds. Listen to locals and athletes share their stories about adventures in the mountains. This type of Palisades Tahoe nightlife gives you a whole new appreciation for the majestic Sierra Nevada mountains and the people who spend time in them.

Alpine Meadows & Palisades Tahoe Events and Nightlife

This page is updated with new events coming to the area, so make sure you check back regularly to stay current on upcoming happenings in Palisades Tahoe’s events and nightlife scene. If you want to check out other evening events in the area, peruse through the Lake Tahoe This Week Nightlife page for a guide to activities going on from dusk 'til dawn.  

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