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When the sun sinks behind the Sierra Nevadas and stars light up the sky, beautiful sounds emanate from Incline Village and Crystal Bay. No, we’re not talking about the birds’ songs or the call of the coyote – we’re talking about guitars, vocals, steady beats and more. Incline Village nightlife is heavily music oriented, and the area welcomes bands from around the region, state and country to the bars, clubs and casinos during evening hours. Those who are competitive athletes by day come together with budding artists for nights filled with songs that make feet dance, heads nod to the rhythm of the music and mouths sing along at Incline Village events. Incline Village nightlife doesn’t necessarily happen at a certain time – you can start the evening by grabbing drinks with your friends at a bar while listening to a band strum their acoustic guitars. Check out a concert before or after dining at one of the local restaurants. When you’re hitting the town and looking for an excuse to stay out longer, check out Incline Village events, like some of the bands jamming at casinos and clubs. When you’re ready for a change of pace in Incline Village’s nightlife scene, the community also hosts plays and other theatrical performances that will leave you applauding and exclaiming “Bravo!”

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This page is updated regularly with new Incline Village nightlife activities, so check back frequently to stay up to date on the current happenings. It's a good idea to look ahead to what's upcoming as well since some nightlife activities, such as big name concerts, sell advance tickets and have the chance to sell out. And if the evening takes you beyond Incline Village and Crystal Bay, visit our Lake Tahoe This Week Nightlife page for events held all over the area.

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