Truckee Attractions

Nature colors many Truckee attractions. And, just like winter’s shades of whites to the pale greens of spring and the deep verdant hues of summer grasses and golden spheres of aspen leaves in autumn, the attractions vary. History is found at the heart of many Truckee and Northstar attractions, while Mother Nature influences others.

The ill-fated Donner Party of the mid-19th-century was just one emigrant experience of those crossing the Sierra Nevada. Learn about the hardships and triumphs at the Donner Memorial State Park with its thought-provoking Pioneer Monument. The Visitor Center was recently renovated to showcase stories of not just the Donner Party but also the Washoe Native Americans, Chinese construction workers of the Transcontinental Railroad and early automobile enthusiasts crossing Donner Pass.

There’s a Truckee attraction that highlights one of America’s most massive projects – the building of the Transcontinental Railroad – from a small venue: a caboose. Yes, it’s small, but it’s very interesting. Northstar attractions bring visitors to famous ski resorts and slopes that are popular for their picturesque and thrilling trails.

A popular Truckee attraction is found not in just one location but in 20! Drive old Highway 40 from Nyack (I-80) to below Rainbow Bridge. There are signs at each spot with individual historical information, stories and activities to best enjoy that location.

Truckee Attractions for Every Interest

Downtown at Jibboom and Spring streets is the Old Jail Museum. Be aware that this particular Truckee attraction is run by docents, so sometimes it’s closed despite signs of operation saying otherwise. Art studios encourage creativity, while the indoor play structure helps unleash energy. The seasonal Nature Play area encourages the young to protect the environment. Check out the Truckee attraction up at the Boreal Ski Area, where you can explore the Western SkiSport Museum. Learn how Gold Rush miners used long boards to entertain themselves when Sierra snow became too deep to pan for gold.

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