South Lake Tahoe Attractions

South Lake Tahoe attractions could be described as Mother Nature’s wonders and the ways you can see them all. Beaches top the list. Eight of them are highlights here, and most are either an easy stroll or a doable hike to reach. The ones you have to hike to are more private, so some of them are clothing-optional. Features of these natural South Lake Tahoe attractions are rock formations that are millions of years old, rocky shorelines, sandy shorelines and towering pine trees. Some, including East Shore attractions, are known as good water sports beaches; others are there for your quiet enjoyment. Those that you hike to are pack in/pack out areas with varying amenities — from none to picnic tables, portable potties and BBQ areas. The Eagle Falls are a duel waterfall zone that’s so worth the easy hike to see.

South Lake Tahoe Attractions

Including East Shore Attractions

Exploring the history of the area provides other points of interest in South Lake Tahoe attractions as well as East Shore attractions. At the Tallac Historic Site, visitors can envision life in the area from the early settlement days through a museum, a real-life version of 1920s Tahoe and through art and theater productions. The Lake Tahoe Historical Society Museum continues this education, bringing awareness of the Washoe Natives and their ways of life as well as insight into early settlers’ lives.

Means to experience the lake — clearly the biggest attraction — give us other attractions in East Shore and South Lake Tahoe. Ever taken a romantic gondola ride? How about a cruise upon a 70-foot luxury yacht complete with a fireplace? The Lake Tahoe Water Trail is a 72-mile attraction that directs paddlers on a self-powered tour around the lake, whether in a kayak or on a standup paddleboard.

Other South Lake Tahoe attractions let you soar high in the sky under balloon power or take helicopter tours.

South Lake Tahoe Attractions by Category

Around Tahoe Tours

P.O. Box 5285, Incline Village, NV
(775) 560-5629

Around Tahoe Tours is your best bet for getting a true feel and knowledge of the local area. Created by Darin Talbot, the tour agency is a culmination of his knowledge that began in 1977 when he moved to the area with his fun attitude and amusing ways of sharing the tales of Tahoe. A musician and storyteller by heart, Talbot is able to create... read more

Camp Richardson

1900 Jameson Beach Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 541-1801

For more than a century, the Camp Richardson location has been a place for people to escape from the hectic urban life and rejuvenate their spirits in the natural beauty of Lake Tahoe. Operated today under a U.S. Forest Service special use permit (except for the marina, which is privately owned), the "Camp Rich" resort honors its storied history and continues to provide a vacation... read more