Palisades Tahoe Shopping Sales & Events

Including Olympic Valley

Sure, Palisades Tahoe (formerly Squaw Valley) is where you come to ski and snowboard, but that’s no reason you can’t take a break and enjoy Palisades Tahoe shopping too. Marvel at works of art at galleries. Discover statement pieces at funky, little boutiques. Satisfy your sweet tooth at chocolate shops. And even the most avid winter sports athletes manage to find their way off the slopes and into the many sports stores where they can check out the newest models and gear. With all the shops to visit and cool stuff to buy, it’s easy to visualize your budget quickly shrinking. But good news: This page helps you get what you want out of Palisades Tahoe shopping and to keep your wallet a bit more full.

We give you a heads up to Palisades Tahoe shopping sales and deals happening at local businesses, so you know where you can get the most bang for your buck before you even begin your Palisades Tahoe shopping. Are you looking for a new parka? Head over to a sports store where you can get outfitted with the latest styles and enjoy Palisades Tahoe shopping sales, like 10% off your purchase. Want to bring home that painting you love so much at the gallery? Keep an eye out for great specials and deals that could make that dream happen.

Palisades Tahoe Shopping Sales Are Inclusive

Just think, the money you save with the help of Palisades Tahoe shopping sales can be used for more shopping ventures. This page is updated regularly so check back to learn about deals you can find. And if you want to explore other Lake Tahoe shopping options, visit our Lake Tahoe This Week’s Sales and Events page for great deals you can score all over the area.