Squaw Valley Ski Resorts

Including Alpine Meadows Resorts

Squaw is another way to spell snow skiing. If you ask non-skiers from as far away as the East Coast to name a famous Lake Tahoe ski area, we bet most would be able to identify Squaw Valley ski resorts. Why? Well, certainly, history is a big reason. When you can claim the attention that was focused on you during an event like the 1960s Winter Olympics, that reputation never goes away. The Squaw Valley ski resort area was the center of the winter sports world from February 18-28 of that year. Actually, at that time, Squaw Valley Resort wasn't really a resort. It was built to accommodate the people and athletes who came for the Games at a cost of $80,000,000. 

In the years after the Games, the area continued and grew its notoriety as snow sport central. A few years ago, Squaw Valley’s ski resort area merged with Alpine Meadows, creating the biggest skiing and snowboarding basin in the area. And now, the bragging rights are even bigger. One of the biggest — or, tallest — of those rights is Squaw Valley ski resorts’ long, steep runs. And, when we say steep, we mean steep. If you want to become a champion skier or snowboarder, this is the place. But with a ski resort as big as this combined area, you can rest assured there are slopes on each mountain perfect for anyone who's still awkward on the snow. 

Transportation at Squaw Valley Ski Resorts

The two ski areas are accessed by free shuttles currently, but there are plans in the works for a gondola that will open soon to connect the two mountains. Can you even imagine the views of these Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts from that bird’s eye view? Get your camera ready because the photo opportunities will be abundant.

Squaw Valley Ski Resorts by Amenities & Activities