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Like most of the towns circling Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach and the North Shore area put the focus on the beautiful, natural playground surrounding them. Between untouched mountains and direct access to the lake, Kings Beach activities will get you outside and active. In the summertime, you can find the people of Kings Beach out on the water. Playing on the beach is a popular pastime, and it’s easy to see why! You can rent kayaks, sailboats and paddleboards if you want to check out the view of Lake Tahoe from the water. Is paddleboarding new to you? Don’t let that stop you – Kings Beach programs include lessons that will have you maneuvering about like a pro in no time. Kings Beach activities even let you take a trip where you kayak to a new lodge each night. Or follow a knowledgeable guide on a paddle trip by the light of the moon.

Kings Beach activities also include lots of pre-planned hikes and mountain bike trips, and the many trails promise a collection of beautiful views and photo opportunities. These Kings Beach programs are catered to all desires. If you want to hike for an afternoon, you can climb the peak of the mountain and be back in time for dinner. Or maybe you want a full-on expedition, where you spend several days backpacking through the Sierra Nevada with a guide.

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Exploring around doesn’t have to be extreme – an historic tour lets you stretch your legs or ride in an air-conditioned vehicle while also learning about local folklore, historical sites and more. Staying entertained in North Shore alone is easy, but if you want to find more happenings in the area, visit our Lake Tahoe This Week Activities and Programs page for events that pique your interest. 

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