Kings Beach Restaurants: Daily Specials

Kings Beach and North Shore may be a small part of Lake Tahoe, but their dining options are a force to be reckoned with. With Kings Beach restaurants featuring ethnic cuisine, upscale gourmet and Americana classics, it’s easy to want to visit all of them. These restaurants have a casual atmosphere, but their food is high-end enough to make you feel like you’re dining in a big city. In addition to the customers’ favorite items on the menu, select Kings Beach restaurants offer daily specials that’ll shake up your dining experience. These specials can include Happy Hour drinks, reduced prices on customer favorites, beloved dishes that aren’t officially on the menu or whatever item the chef feels especially motivated to make that night. And just think: You can use any money you save, thanks to reduced prices on daily specials, to visit even more Kings Beach restaurants.

Kings Beach restaurant specials are often how chefs experiment outside of the menus’ options, and they pull together unexpected flavors to produce meals like Costa Rica Mahi Mahi that’s been grilled with coconut milk curry or panko encrusted Bluenose Grouper with a creamy cherry tomato sauce. The Kings Beach restaurant specials vary with eateries’ themes so you can try a vegan hot spot if you want a new twist on a locally sourced salad or find a fun fusion dish at a gourmet restaurant.

The Specials Vary at Kings Beach Restaurants

Lots of us tend to find a restaurant we really like and stick with it most every time we decide to eat out. But, why not let these restaurant specials entice you to be a little of a culinary adventurist? Mixing discovery and dining seems like just the right recipe. This page is updated regularly with any specials happening at Kings Beach Restaurants, so be sure to check back frequently to see which ones make your mouth water. 

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