Lake Tahoe Articles

Revamp Your Warm Up for Better Golf Performance

By Kyler Crouse, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
The goal of warming up for exercise is often misunderstood. A proper warm-up is not only designed to raise your body temperature and blood flow, it should also prepare you for the specific workout or sport you are about to participate in. Common warm-ups involve spinning on a stationary bike or hopping on the... Read More

Spine Pain: Typical or Terrible?

By Dr. Zachary Child
Back and neck pain is a common reason people seek medical help or miss work. It can range from mild, dull, annoying pain, to an unexpected, often debilitating episode that can completely disrupt one's life. An estimated 80 to 100% of adults will have one or many of these events in their life.  While uncomfortable,... Read More

Boots and Bunions: Cold Weather Tips for Your Feet

By Dr. Paul Ryan
Quality of daily life is closely linked to the health of our feet. When faced with cold weather, many of us make footwear changes that reflect changing activities and comfort. Footwear is important for traction, warmth, preventing slips and falls, and support for daily activities, but footwear that is not properly... Read More

Overcome Joint Pain for Improved Quality of Life

By Dr. Jeff Orr & Dr. Kyle Swanson
In an active lifestyle, joint health is a top priority. Your joints — hips, knees, ankles, shoulders, elbows, wrists — allow you to perform sports and daily activities and are needed to move and thrive. Over time, an active lifestyle may lead to wear and tear — the eventual breakdown of protective cartilage — causing... Read More

Adventure Checklist

By Kim Evans, MD
Longer days and warmer weather invite adventure. But even the most experienced explorer should prepare for unknowns when hitting the trail. This checklist can help: • Buddy up. Adventuring with a partner is not only more fun, but also crucial in an emergency. Also, share your plan with another trusted person before... Read More