Annual Lake Tahoe Events


Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival

2005 Nevada State Highway 28
Incline Village, NV
(775) 832-1616
Sand Harbor

Begun in 1972 at Sugar Pine Point on the west shore, the Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festival moved to Sand Harbor in 1976 and has remained a standard there ever since. It ranks as one of the top Shakespeare Festivals in the country – not just for the quality of the performances but for the entirety of the experience, from the gourmet food to the environment... read more



1960 Squaw Valley Road
Olympic Valley, CA
(800) 403-0206

Imagine, if you will, that you could put the Tahoe and Truckee region into a bottle. Then you boil or distill the contents and evaporate off all the extraneous material. Let's say that you do this two or three times so that you're left with the very essence of the Tahoe experience. It would probably look a lot like WinterWonderGrass. WinterWonderGrass is a late spring... read more