Location & Hours

Our Mission

“To create simple and authentic community gatherings for the adventurous spirit, concentrating on quality of the experience over quantity of attendees with a focus on dedicated artists, sustainability, locally sourced products and support of non profits.”

We create gatherings we believe in.  Those that inspire us and draw us into their foundation and contribute to our active adventurous lifestyle and environmentally conscious ideals.  We place responsibility on ourselves and those we seek to draw into our framework and festivals as not mere attendees, but partners on the journey.

We see true connection as a spark of art, a catalyst for inspiration. What we believe is lost in the subtle voids of cyber communication and mega festivals is the undiluted essence of existence — that which is seen, interpreted and shared through the human experience.

Cultivating the relationship between wild nature, raw original music and the protection of our planet.  Give respect, get respect.