WinterWonderGrass Festival

1960 Olympic Valley Road, Olympic Valley, CA

Imagine, if you will, that you could put the Tahoe and Truckee region into a bottle. Then you boil or distill the contents and evaporate off the extraneous material. Let's say that you do this two or three times so that you're left with the very essence of the Tahoe experience. It would probably look a lot like WinterWonderGrass. WinterWonderGrass is a late-spring festival at Palisades Tahoe that blends bluegrass and acoustic roots music with craft brews, wines, food and coffee and adds in an appreciation for the arts, nature and the environment, all in a High Sierra setting. Despite the celebration of craft beers, this is very much a family-friendly event with free admission for participants on both ends of the age spectrum. But be warned, it is also a very popular event, and tickets are practically guaranteed to sell out. The 2024 festival will be held April 5 to 7. The lineup has been announced, and tickets are now on sale at