Truckee Shopping

Truckee shopping is best described as eclectic and fun. In a town that, on the surface at least, looks like you’ve stepped back into a time when cowboys ruled, discovering a shop selling world-class art beside a boutique for ultra-funky women’s clothing keeps you wondering what’s coming up next! Whatever it is you’re personally looking for, there’s probably a Truckee store to provide it.  

No worries if you’re not a shopaholic. You can pinpoint exactly what you’re looking for at Truckee stores and get a quick in and out experience. But for people who consider shopping a sport, you can hone your skills to a fine precision here.

Historic downtown is a fabulous place to spend time just wandering in and out of Truckee’s shops that line the main street. On either side of River Street or the streets that intersect, you’ll find clothing, sports equipment, mountain home furnishings, gifts, jewelry, fine art, florists and much, much more. The atmosphere of River Street, with all the adjoining shops and restaurants housed in historic buildings, creates the Truckee shopping experience, a kind that may be unlike others that you’re used to. The Wild West feel of downtown Truckee merges with hip, interesting retailing, and it’s pretty appealing.

Truckee Shopping is Athlete Friendly

Nearby at Truckee Crossroads or Donner Pass Road, you find more great places for Truckee shopping — shops to rent or buy skiing, fishing, biking or hiking equipment, grocery stores, building supplies, hair and nail salons, home and garden supplies, specialty beer and wine outlets, boutiques for locally made jewelry.

One note: Since winter sports are, obviously, so big here, there is a plethora of Truckee shopping that centers around the clothing, equipment and accessories you need to enjoy the snow-covered landscape. You can try out new designs if you’re an expert at your sport, get your boots perfectly fitted and come away with some very helpful advice from the locals who own and work in these Truckee stores.

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