Truckee Cabin Rental

Including Huts in Truckee, CA

For a uniquely High Sierra experience with the feeling of being quite comfortable but not overly pampered, consider a Truckee cabin rental. Nothing beats this style of accommodation for solitude, recreation and creating a deep connection with the natural world. Cabins for rent in Truckee, CA, include the one at Lost Trail Lodge, a truly rustic, off-the-grid lodge that you have can only reach by snowshoe or cross-country skis in winter (you can drive in summer). Don’t worry, they have all the amenities you’ll need so you don’t have to schlep in as much as you think. Another Truckee cabin rental option is Clair Tappan Lodge atop Donner Summit at 7,000 feet. Vacation rental companies also offer cabins for rent in Truckee, CA, so be sure to check out their many offerings.