Tahoe Things to Do: Attractions

Is it any wonder that a huge portion of Lake Tahoe things to do are Mother Nature-based? There are mountains – tops, sides and bases, lakes, ridges, secret coves, beaches, waterfalls, rivers, bays, old-growth forests, meadows, wilderness areas and more. Then there are the state and local parks that encompass and enhance the experience of immersing into this environment. Other Lake Tahoe attractions are built into this landscape – castles and mansions more than 100 years old, monuments to the earliest inhabitants of this region and to the settlers who came later, a 72-mile aquatic trail and historic sites and museums. Then there are the Lake Tahoe attractions that take advantage of such a stunning backdrop: art festivals, music festivals, dance festivals, wine tours, Renaissance fairs, duckee durbees, outdoor markets, restaurant weeks, water races, helicopter and balloon tours, sightseeing cruises, parades, tram and gondola rides, holiday-focused festivities, guided tours, sporting events, hand gliding tours and so much more!