Valhalla Tahoe

Tallac Historic Site
1 Valhalla Road, South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 541-4975

Valhalla Tahoe shares an appreciation for the historical heritage and natural beauty of the Tallac Historic Site with visitors from all over the world. The historic Boathouse Theatre provides a stage for artistic presentations, concerts and plays. Valhalla Tahoe is a nonprofit organization operating in partnership with the U.S. Forest Service to preserve Tahoe Heritage through restoration, arts, music, theatre and celebrations. In addition to hosting performances in the Boathouse and celebrations in the Grand Hall, Valhalla Tahoe curates a small Art Gallery in one if the historic cabins on the property, and 100% of the proceeds go directly to the artists. A fun aspect of the Tallac Historic Site is that there are paved paths linking the various buildings with self-guided interpretive signs. Valhalla Tahoe holds public events June through September; check out their website for a full schedule.