Squaw Valley Summer Activities

Squaw Valley is a popular destination for winter sports enthusiasts, but did you know it’s also a bustling spot in the summer months? Squaw Valley summer activities stem from the area’s beautiful and natural environment. Are you itching with wanderlust and can’t wait to embrace the great outdoors? Lucky for you, Squaw Valley things to do offer numerous hiking and mountain biking trails. Set off on foot or start some serious pedaling to follow the trails that weave you through the valley and mountains and absorb the beautiful scenery that lies around every corner. You can even check out guided tours that take you around the Lake Tahoe area, providing information about the land and history. In order to get ready for your Squaw Valley summer activities, check out local shops that can outfit you in the gear you need to be prepared.

When you want a Squaw Valley summer activity besides trekking around, you can also enjoy a round of golf or match of tennis at one of the nearby fitness and recreation centers. If you’re feeling competitive, start training for a race or athletic event with Squaw Valley things to do that will whip you into peak condition.

Relax With Squaw Valley Summer Activities

If you get hot, one Squaw Valley thing to do would be cooling off with a pleasant dip in a pool or soothe your muscles with a soak in a hot tub. After a fun-filled day, unwind with a trip to a spa where you can treat yourself to a massage and more. If you find yourself wanting to get in touch with your body and spirit, a yoga session held overlooking Lake Tahoe is pleasing to the eye and psyche. Squaw Valley summer activities prove that a good time can be had without snow. Check out the listings below to learn more.

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