Lake Tahoe Magazine Articles

Where Everyone Feels Like Family

By Kathryn Reed
Walking into The Getaway Café is a lot like going home – a home where delectable aromas spill forth from the kitchen, someone is eager to see you, you aren’t in a hurry to clear your plate and you definitely can’t wait to come back.  This restaurant at the bottom of Echo Summit in Meyers – the tiny enclave near South... Read More

I Can't Believe I Live Here!

By Kayla Anderson
Longtime local and Realtor Tanya Soule and I decide to walk the Tahoe East Shore Trail on this picture-perfect afternoon. This trail was a passion project for the Incline Village community, which raised more than a million dollars to build a safe 4-mile paved stretch from the eastern end of Incline Village to Sand... Read More

The Magic of the North Shore

By Kathryn Reed
One massive lake, two diverse states, 12 unique cities, 37 sandy beaches, 14 golf courses, hundreds of miles of hiking and biking trails. This is North Lake Tahoe.  At an elevation of more than 6,200 feet, North Lake Tahoe’s beauty will literally take your breath away. Lake Tahoe’s water is so clear that at times it’... Read More

Building Relationships

By Kathryn Reed
With real estate being the single largest purchase most people will ever make in their lives, the agent can be the linchpin that makes the entire process smooth, satisfying and gratifying. Dave Westall’s approach is to get to know his clients on a deeper level beyond understanding they want X number of bedrooms and Y... Read More

A Tahoe Toy Story

By Morgan Brown
Running a toy store certainly doesn’t seem like rocket science, but for Dennis Michal there are more similarities than one might think. The owner and operator of Toy Maniacs, a toy and hobby store in South Lake Tahoe, has been able to channel experience from a background in nuclear engineering into more than two... Read More