Lake Tahoe Magazine Articles

Life by the Cupful

By Beth Storie
Everything we see around us began as a dream – or as a thought, if you prefer: books, pieces of art, popular theories, music, buildings, businesses and even children. None would come to fruition had they not first been imagined. Coffeebar in Truckee was born out of its creator’s vision to build a space that provided... Read More

The Good Vibe Stores

By Kayla Anderson
On a longboard ride down the Truckee River Trail from 64 Acres to Squaw Valley, I spot Lady Luck Skate & Smoke Shop’s newest location perched perfectly on the trail’s scenic route on West River Road in Tahoe City. Walking into the store, I see skate decks filling the walls from floor to ceiling plus a Talmont ’52... Read More

The Spirit of the Pacific in the High Sierra

By Keith Rugg
Long ago the canoe was the preferred mode of transportation on Big Blue, and then the kayak was king. Now the hottest thing going is the standup paddleboard. With a sleek, streamlined board and a simple paddle, the SUP allows riders to navigate Lake Tahoe’s waters with ease while offering an incomparable view. The... Read More

This Is the Way Lake Tahoe Was Meant to be Experienced

By Keith Rugg
When people visit Lake Tahoe, there are a lot of fun activities and events from which to choose. But whether it’s someone’s first visit or their 101st, there is one thing that is an absolute must-do, and that’s a cruise out on the waters of Big Blue.  When enjoying a world-class lake like this one, there’s no better... Read More

Living Happily Ever After at Lake Tahoe

By Keith Rugg
Several years ago Nevada Civic Light Opera Company mounted a production of The Music Man at the historic Piper’s Opera House right next door in Virginia City. If you are familiar with the musical, you may remember the opening number, “Rock Island,” in which the title character, Harold Hill, is derided because he is a... Read More