Kings Beach Attractions

Including North Shore Attractions

North Shore and Kings Beach attractions might be less in numbers than other Lake Tahoe communities, but do not be fooled. Their impact is just as terrific. Small but fun is an apt description of North Shore and Kings Beach attractions, and when you combine them with the rest of the appeal of this cool, waterside town, you’ve got yourself a great little vacay!

As you might expect, North Lake Tahoe’s water sports are the number one Kings Beach and North Shore attraction. The Lake Tahoe Jetovator in Carnelian Bay allows you to literally leap 20 feet above the water thanks to jet propulsion. This summer-only Kings Beach attraction thrills handicapped water enthusiasts too.

Kings Beach State Recreation Area has some of the loveliest sandy beach areas in the whole of Lake Tahoe. Just note that while humans are welcome year-round at this top-rated attraction, pets are not. Fees apply to entrance and if you want to show off your angler skills.

Activities At Kings Beach Attractions

Including North Shore Attractions

Fishing is a huge Kings Beach and North Shore attraction. You might want to join a charter boat trip and get the expert advice of your captain to catch trout, bass and salmon. The best part is that the captain cleans whatever you catch!

If golf is more your style, the Old Brockway Golf Course justifiably remains a cherished Kings Beach attraction. Hollywood played here when crooner Bing Crosby held his first celebrity tournament on these links in the 1930s. Several decades later came Frank, Dean, Sammy and the Rat Pack. Now the 9-hole course, under majestic Jeffrey pines, is also an acclaimed Audubon cooperative sanctuary.

Kings Beach attractions are all around. Check out the listing below to see which ones you’d like to visit.

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