Lake Tahoe Balloons

2435 Venice Drive E., South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 544-1221
(800) 872-9294

Lake Tahoe Balloons lets you see the Lake Tahoe region from a very unique perspective. Imagine flying with the golden eagles and osprey while gliding with the currents of wind in a hot-air balloon. Below you spreads the immense green forests and granite landscapes of the Sierra Mountains framing the turquoise and azure blues of Lake Tahoe and other smaller alpine lakes. The only sound is the soft whoosh of the balloon, soaring and offering a view like no other. Another interesting and unique aspect to the Lake Tahoe Balloons operation is that the balloon launches from the water of Lake Tahoe on a U.S. Coast Guard-approved double decker, Catamaran-style aircraft vessel (the only one in the world of its kind), allowing guests to experience the stunning views of lifting off from the water. Their season over Lake Tahoe is May 15 through October 17 with winter tours taking place in Carson Valley.