Bliss Experiences, Pranic Practice: Hatha

Pranic Practice: Hatha

Breathe and move with intention and direction Pranayama is more than a breathing practice. Karma is bound in our pranic... More info
Bliss Experiences, Vibrance & Vitality: Balance

Vibrance & Vitality: Balance

Steadiness and balance are important at every age. Balance keeps us steady as we walk or hike, bike or run and as we move... More info
Bliss Experiences, Hatha Harmonies: Flow

Hatha Harmonies: Flow

Mantra translates to mean "mind training." Pairing the sounds of mantra with movement can help you to feel a deeper... More info
Bliss Experiences, Tarot & Tantra: Flow

Tarot & Tantra: Flow

Draw a card, establish focus, become aware of your individual constitution. Whether or not pulling a card from a deck can... More info
Bliss Experiences, Pilates: Mat

Pilates: Mat

Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles while also training your... More info
Bliss Experiences, Sustainable Stability: Alignment

Sustainable Stability: Alignment

Whether you ski or golf, hike or swim, paddle or cycle, your body needs to recover. Practice posturing that will improve... More info
Bliss Experiences, Restoration & Release: Nidra

Restoration & Release: Nidra

Two key elements to the practice of Yoga are abhyasa (consistent practice) and vairagya (detachment). The constant practice... More info
Bliss Experiences, Vinyasa Vibrations: Flow

Vinyasa Vibrations: Flow

Let the music move you ​Vinyasa Krama translates to mean "order arrangement." The order of postures and arrangment of... More info
Bliss Experiences, Scents & Salutations: Hatha

Scents & Salutations: Hatha

Experience the effects of scent during asana As we move, our bodies warm. This practice is elevated through the application... More info
Bliss Experiences, Curated Professional Retreats

Curated Professional Retreats

Escape the office and exercise your perspective through outdoor adventure and crafty creativity. Come together as a team... More info