Bliss Experiences, Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

Beach yoga practices incorporate balance, mindfulness, self-awareness and focus. Tahoe beaches have unique sand made of the... More info
Bliss Experiences, Healing Sound Sessions

Healing Sound Sessions

Experience the resonate healing properties of sound and vibration. Share  in the experience of poetry, mindfulness, guided... More info
Bliss Experiences, Stand-Up Paddle Yoga

Stand-Up Paddle Yoga

As Tahoe's pioneer of paddle yoga we are the most experienced and knowledgeable for on-water practices. You'll do more than... More info
Bliss Experiences, Elevation


Elevate your vibration through active movement and effortful posturing during this vinyasa-style practice. Heavy breathing... More info
Bliss Experiences, Pilates: Mat

Pilates: Mat

Mat Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise that focuses on your core muscles while also training your... More info
Bliss Experiences, Rejuvenation: Hatha

Rejuvenation: Hatha

Time heals all things. Allow for some time to slow down and rejuvenate your body, mind and soul through this Hatha-style... More info
Bliss Experiences, Grounding: Nidra Yoga

Grounding: Nidra Yoga

Establish steadiness and move forward from a point of stability through practices rooted in mindful focus and alignment. ... More info
Bliss Experiences, Centering: Yoga for Core Awareness

Centering: Yoga for Core Awareness

This Hatha-based practice brings attention to your center. Our focus is on effortfully and intentionally engaging muscles... More info
Bliss Experiences, Renewal: Mindful Breathing & Peaceful Posturing

Renewal: Mindful Breathing & Peaceful Posturing

You've given all you can to the day. Allow us to give to you. Renew through mindful breathing and peaceful posturing.... More info
Bliss Experiences, Forest Bathing

Forest Bathing

Slow down, relax and clear your head during Shinrinyoku Forest Bathing with Felix. Your guide manages where, when and for... More info