Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

When we speak of resorts, what we’re meaning are the Lake Tahoe ski resorts – this is so it’s easy for you to distinguish them from Lake Tahoe Places to Stay. Sure, some of these Lake Tahoe hotels are not what you'd apply the nomenclature of true resort to since what you get is simply (everything is relative) amazing slopes, and of course some places to stay are on the true resort status with shops, restaurants and other activities in addition to their housing options. But, for simple clarity, our Lake Tahoe ski resorts are ski resorts only. There’s such a focus on winter sports in this area, and because of that, you’ll find ski resorts in every area around the lake and in any configuration you can imagine.

Let’s start with the Tahoe ski resorts that provide the basics, such as Homewood Mountain Resort, Soda Springs Mountain Resort, Kirkwood Mountain Resort or Donner Ski Ranch. These Lake Tahoe hotels are all about skiing, tubing, cross-country and snowshoeing. They cater to families, often, because they have slopes for beginners right on up to the challenging slopes. Because they don’t have all the extras such as restaurants, shopping and hotels, they often are less expensive that other ski resorts. And their purist nature make them favorites with many locals.

Experiencing Lake Tahoe Ski Resorts

Then, if we jump to the other end of Lake Tahoe ski resorts, you’ll find the Northstar California Resort with its upscale Ritz Carlton, high-end shopping and restaurants and the red carpet services you’d expect from a Ritz. To complete the resort feel, you have 100 trails of all levels serviced by 20 lifts. There are seven snowboarding terrain parks, an ice rink and even a movie theater and golf course on site. These larger Lake Tahoe ski resorts become summer resorts when the temperatures rise, with plenty of warm-weather activities such as hiking and lift-assisted mountain biking, swimming and disc golf. The Village at Palisades Tahoe belongs to this group as does Heavenly Mountain Resort in South Lake Tahoe. And, if you’re more of a Not Too Big and Not Too Small type of person, there are even more Tahoe ski resorts in between. Whatever you're looking for, read through. You'll find it!

Privately owned and operated by the homeowners in the Village at Sugar Bowl, Sugar Bowl Resort has attracted skiers and snowboarders to the more

All of the best ski resorts these days strive to provide the most complete vacation experience, and the Village at Northstar is a prime example. When more