The Village at Squaw Valley

Village at Squaw Valley: All-in-One Fun!

Squaw Valley snow sports enthusiasts land at The Village at Squaw Valley and have no desire to venture further. Why? Because here they find everything they need for a complete experience, whether on the snow or off. Of course, those Squaw Valley snow skiers or snow boarders know they've hit pay dirt (that phrase really should be changed to pay snow!) since the slopes here are some of the best you'll find anywhere in the Lake Tahoe area. They're steep for expert skiers, and there are other areas where beginners feel right at home. But even die-hard Squaw Valley skiers and boarders have to take the wood off their feet at some point. And that's another reason the Village at Squaw Valley shines ... or glows ... the place really does glow at night, and it's beautiful to see. Encircled by the snowy environment, the Village feels much like a European ski hamlet with winding brickways that follow the contour of the handsome stone buildings. On the top floors are the guest rooms with balconies that look out over the bustling scene. Below, on ground level, are restaurants, bars and shops and the visitors, from families with small children to starry-eyed couples, happily co-mingling. Added in are areas for fun, such as an acrobatic bungee  play gym, a yoga studio and spa, climbing walls and more. Out on the grounds, you'll see people enjoying horse-drawn sleigh rides. This is Squaw Valley at its best.