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Original Double-Ender Boat Cruise in Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe has become ever popular over the years for watersports and boat cruises. But let's take you back to when boating was a luxury for the stylish and  sophisticated visitors of the lake. The Wild Goose was one of the original double-ender boats that cruised the waters of Lake Tahoe in all it's glory. Over 100 years later, we have created a replica of that exact boat known as Wild Goose II. This 36-foot Grand Craft Commuter boat has been designed just as it's predecessor, using mahogany for it's strength and indelible beauty. Aboard the Wild Goose II you can experience an original double-ender boat cruise in Lake Tahoe just as visitors did the original wooden boat era. We provide a multitude of private charter options to suit your every need. We provide non-alcoholic beverages and charcuterie boards can be added to your trip. Enjoy the wonders of Lake Tahoe aboard the Wild Goose II