Tahoe Tap Haus, Das Wild Sliders

Das Wild Sliders

Rotating game sliders and accoutrements (NF)
Tahoe Tap Haus, Queso Borracho

Queso Borracho

Beer cheese dip, tortilla chips, choice of topping: red pepper chop or spicy chorizo
Tahoe Tap Haus, Siig Savory

Siig Savory

peppered bacon, avocado, cheddar cheese, herb aioli, pretzel bun (NF)
Tahoe Tap Haus, Tahoe Tap Haus To-Go!

Tahoe Tap Haus To-Go!

In light of recent events, Tahoe Tap Haus will be open for to-go orders only starting Wednesday. Our hours are 11:30AM - 8:00PM. All food is 20% off and cans of beer from local breweries are $5, or $16 for a 4-pack, with to-go orders. While waiting for a to-go order you are welcome to have a beer at the bar provided there are less than 10 people present (please wash your hands first!). Thank you for your support.