Bliss Experiences, Divine Rest

Divine Rest

Rest differs from sleep. Our bodies and minds rejuvenate during sleep, but don't necessarily quiet. Yoga nidra is a practice... More info
Bliss Experiences, Stand Up Paddle Yoga

Stand up Paddle Yoga

Learn to walk on water with Lake Tahoe Yoga during a paddle yoga class. More info
Bliss Experiences, Beach Yoga

Beach Yoga

Beach yoga practices incorporate balance, mindfulness, self-awareness and focus. Tahoe beaches have unique sand made of the... More info
Bliss Experiences, Hatha Harmonies: Flow

Hatha Harmonies: Flow

Mantra translates to mean "mind training." Pairing the sounds of mantra with movement can help you to feel a deeper... More info
Bliss Experiences, Pranic Practice: Hatha

Pranic Practice: Hatha

Breathe and move with intention and direction Pranayama is more than a breathing practice. Karma is bound in our pranic... More info
Bliss Experiences, Restoration & Release: Nidra

Restoration & Release: Nidra

Two key elements to the practice of Yoga are abhyasa (consistent practice) and vairagya (detachment). The constant practice... More info
Bliss Experiences, Scents & Salutations: Hatha

Scents & Salutations: Hatha

Experience the effects of scent during asana As we move, our bodies warm. This practice is elevated through the application... More info
Bliss Experiences, Sustainable Stability: Alignment

Sustainable Stability: Alignment

Whether you ski or golf, hike or swim, paddle or cycle, your body needs to recover. Practice posturing that will improve... More info
Bliss Experiences, Tarot & Tantra: Flow

Tarot & Tantra: Flow

Draw a card, establish focus, become aware of your individual constitution. Whether or not pulling a card from a deck can... More info
Bliss Experiences, Vibrance & Vitality: Balance

Vibrance & Vitality: Balance

Steadiness and balance are important at every age. Balance keeps us steady as we walk or hike, bike or run and as we move... More info