South Lake Tahoe Water Sports

People flock to Lake Tahoe for water sports in the crystal clear waters. South Lake Tahoe water sports include waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddling, boating, fishing, Jet Skiing, parasailing, sailing, standup paddleboarding and more. If you’re going to get in the lake for swimming or any other activity, just be prepared for cold water. In summer the surface temperature of the lake is around 63 degrees, but just 18 inches deep the temperature can drop by 10 degrees, causing cold-shock response if you’re not careful. Experts advise easing into the water slowly, wearing a wetsuit if possible, wearing a personal flotation device, looking for underwater obstacles, paying attention to watercraft and watching children at all times. Check these listings for all you need to know about South Lake Tahoe water sports and have fun on the water!