Sledding in South Lake Tahoe

Including Tubing South Lake Tahoe

So what if you’re not an experienced snowboarder or skier? You can still have fun flying down snowy hills. The South Lake Tahoe ski resorts offer sledding and tubing adventures for those who want to have on the slopes – just not on their feet. Sledding in South Lake Tahoe is available at the following locations, and you don’t need a lot of equipment. If you don’t have your own equipment for sledding in South Lake Tahoe, you can rent some sleds to take with you to these locations. Tubing South Lake Tahoe is available at the South Lake Tahoe ski resorts. Tubing is more controlled than sledding because it’s so fast. The resorts will have more regulations and rules in place to keep everybody safe when they’re loving their experiences of tubing South Lake Tahoe.