Truckee Hotel

10007 Bridge Street, Truckee, CA
(530) 587-4444

At more than 140 years old, Truckee Hotel is a direct link to the past of the historic railroad town. Situated in the middle of downtown, the hotel is only minutes away by foot to the train depot where Amtrak’s California Zephyr makes two daily stops. With 36 rooms the hotel offers a variety of accommodations options. For travelers who have been around the world, Truckee Hotel has 28 European rooms with in-room sinks and shared bathrooms — nine total with locking doors for private use — in the hall. For those who prefer their own facilities, there are eight American-style rooms with in-room bathrooms, which include claw-foot tubs. Truckee Hotel’s location makes it ideal for strolling to shopping, dining and enjoying adult beverages along with live music, all without getting into a car. Moody’s Bistro, Bar and Beats occupies part of the ground floor of the hotel and can be reached without having to go outside. Oh, and local lore says that the venerable hotel is haunted.