Truckee Food Shop

12030 Donner Pass Road #3, Truckee, CA
(530) 214-8935

If you are wanting a delicious meal served at home but don't want to do the work or the clean up that is required, then you are in for a treat with Truckee Food Shop. Truckee Food Shop's take-out meals and food offerings are created to make gourmet dining a breeze whether you're at home or picnicking on the beach. They offer breakfast, lunch and dinner options, and all of their menu items are chef-made, farm-to-fork meals made from fresh, organic vegetables and meats. The menu evolves and shifts according to the season and the delectable whims of owner and chef Eduardo Diaz de Leon. It may include tasty items like Caesar salad, rockfish ceviche, quinoa bowls with veggies and ahi tuna, rice tuna bowls and their signature TFS roasted chicken. A must-try is the local favorite – pork ribs in their unique TFS BBQ sauce.