Osmosis Lounge

2074 Lake Tahoe Boulevard, Unit 7, South Lake Tahoe, CA
(530) 494-9312

Want to feel your best for all of your Tahoe adventures? IV therapy is a game-changer when it comes to thriving in the mountain region, especially for visitors who are not used to this climate and elevation. Whether you want to quickly acclimate to the elevation, optimize your performance for strenuous outdoor activities or recover from a night out in SLT, a boost of IV hydration, glutathione, vitamin C or Myers Cocktail at Osmosis Lounge will have you feeling rejuvenated and full of energy. As locals know, these therapies are also beneficial holistic treatments for medical conditions and reversing the effects of aging. Founded by ER nurses and health enthusiasts, Osmosis recognizes the critical role nutrients play in your body's optimal performance. Whether you're a passionate athlete, an adventurous traveler or just someone who wants to look and feel their best, Osmosis Lounge has options for you. Appointments take about 30 minutes; if you want something quicker, a B12 or endurance injection will have you in and out in 10 minutes. Same-day appointments are available.