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South Lake Tahoe's Original IV Vitamin Therapy

Osmosis Lounge was created with the desire to enhance wellness, assist in treating medical conditions, and even help in the reversing of effects of aging. We believe that wellness starts from within and you can achieve this by replacing the vitamins and nutrients that your body has depleted.

Why Choose Intravenous Vitamin Therapy?

IV hydration and infusion therapy is the most effective way to deliver nutrients and medications to the body. Traditional oral vitamin supplementation only allows for up to 50% absorption of nutrients due to the simple fact that many of them are destroyed by the very acidic environment of our digestive system, prior to them ever being absorbed. Administering these vitamins directly into the bloodstream bypasses our digestive system and allows for 100% of the hydration, vitamins and nutrients to be absorbed by our cells!  This improved absorption leads to faster and more impactful results, by getting the nutrients to the desired cells and body systems that are being targeted by our vitamin regimens.  Our method and our selection of the highest quality medical grade vitamins, guarantees your investment in your health and wellness.