Kings Beach Restaurants

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For a relatively small place, Kings Beach restaurants are big in number – and in flavors! And don’t let Kings Beach’s dining mostly casual ambiance fool you into thinking you’ll only find casual fare.

Here, let us explain what we mean: Foods that we all love, think shrimp tacos, receive an upscale makeover, like a drizzle of cucumber salsa, at Kings Beach restaurants. Think Tex-Mex with Southwestern influence. Pomegranate-glazed pork ribs. Hawaiian swordfish and seared scallops. Flame-broiled hamburgers blanketed in bleu cheese. Clam chowder. Crispy salmon served with truffle mac and cheese. Roasted Butternut Squash Ravioli. Cajun Eggs Benedict. Do we have your attention?

Then, when you add in Kings Beach restaurants that feature fresh, authentic sushi, another that used to be a beach shack but became so popular with the burgers and fries they served that they had to put up some walls and shift to year-round or the pizza choices that make any pie eater happy, you’ve got a pretty good scene with Kings Beach dining. Local’s hint: There’s even an amazing place where, on a snowing winter day, you can settle in beside their three-story fireplace, sip on something hot and watch the day go by. Where, you ask? Read on!

The Ease of Kings Beach Restaurants

Since many Kings Beach restaurants are lakeside, they welcome sandy feet and furry, wet paws. They’ll give them treats too. There’s even a pier restaurant where you can pull up, have them valet park your boat then you can slip in for food and refreshment and an unbeatable lake view through their floor-to-ceiling windows.

Many Kings Beach restaurants will pack your order to go. Great food is always more delicious when eaten in stunning scenery, and there’s no lack of that in Kings Beach. Grab your food then dine on a boat dock or find romance under the stars at a picnic table. 

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