Daytime Kings Beach Events

If you like the feeling of your heart pumping, muscles moving and adrenaline coursing through your veins, coming to Kings Beach was the right decision for you. Like most things in Lake Tahoe, Kings Beach events place lots of emphasis on physical activity. Many Kings Beach events involve being active in some way, whether it’s on land or on water, with a group or solo, competitive or just for fun. And, note that there are lots of events in neighboring towns that are close and quick to get to from Kings Beach, so experience them all!

With Kings Beach activities, runners can enjoy half marathons or jog over a 30-mile course of rugged terrain. Not looking for anything too extreme? A 5k along a scenic trail is a pleasant way to enjoy the sights while getting exercise. If you prefer to stay fit by balancing atop two wheels, check out Kings Beach activities that let you bike throughout the Lake Tahoe area. Serious cyclists look forward to the annual Kings Beach event that puts their abilities to the test in an adventure cycling course that circumnavigates Lake Tahoe’s 72-mile shoreline.

Offshore Kings Beach Events

Including North Shore

Water lovers come together for paddleboard races in Lake Tahoe or open swim races. If you’re the kind of person who likes running, biking and swimming, you participate in one of the several triathlons held in Lake Tahoe. There are triathlons for all different levels, including sprints, Olympic-lengths, half-Olympic and even one for kids. These Kings Beach events are great ways to meet others who share your passion for sports and other activities, and you may even find buddies who will join you in more events in the future.

And if you want to explore daytime events happening beyond North Shore, be sure to visit our Lake Tahoe This Week Daytime Events page for fun all over the area. 

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