Incline Village Activities & Programs

Like most of Lake Tahoe’s towns’ activities, those in Incline Village and Crystal Bay take advantage of their outdoor assets. Unlike some of the other towns, however, Incline Village programs manage to evenly juggle both sports and art events as opposed to focusing on one or the other. Incline Village activities let you jump from doing athletic events during the day to immersing yourself in the arts after the sun sets — this is a town that hosts festivals in honor of literary figures, after all.

Start your day with Incline Village activities like a mountain bike adventure along Flume Trail or a training session for an upcoming triathlon. Then switch gears as you head into the evening by checking out some of Incline Village’s programs, including live bands or theatrical performances. After grabbing a delicious dinner at one of Incline Village’s restaurants, take advantage of your location (hint, it’s Nevada, baby) and pay a visit to a casino. Many casinos sometimes offer deals and specials, so you can try your hand at Black Jack, slot machines and more. And after so much participation in these Incline Village activities, it’s nice to unwind and relax, which you can do with the help of a spa. You’ll find events happening at local spas that will pamper you and leave you feeling rejuvenated.

Stay Busy With Incline Village Activities 

Including Crystal Bay

There's always something to do in Incline Village, and this fun changes with the season — and oftentimes with the week! This page is updated regularly as businesses and organizations offer new activities and programs. Be sure to check back frequently so that you stay current on all that’s happening, and if you’re curious about other events in the area, visit our Lake Tahoe This Week Activities and Programs page to discover all the fun that’s out there.