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Children's Clothing in South Lake Tahoe, CA

Will & Ivey's designer, Sandra Ney, has strived to find specific attributes in children's clothing that has been missing for a long time. The results of her efforts are simple, comfortable clothing items that are created from materials free of toxins. In all her designs she strives to meet those needs. All materials are Oeko-Tex certified which means they are ethically sourced and organic, free from toxins for the manufacturers and your little ones. With dedication to only the coziest materials, children feel like they’re out in their pajamas all day. Whether in your homes or in the Lake Tahoe area, the Will & Ivey team hopes to spread a little peace wherever we, or our clothing, go.

Will & Ivey began as a clothing company with the goal to give back. Sandra is a board member for the Tennessee Alliance for Kids where she created TAK PAK, a community lead program that fills backpacks with essential and comfort items for children when they are abruptly removed from their homes. A percentage of each garment purchased goes to filling these backpacks or to Tennessee Kids Belong, a company that helps children as they transition from the foster care program into adoption.