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A luxurious South Lake Tahoe spa experience based on a time-honored tradition

Our South Lake Tahoe spa is one of only two locations in the United States to experience the time-tested therapeutic benefits of bathing in pure cedar and natural, living enzymes. We offer authentic Japanese Cedar Enzyme Detox Baths complemented with an optional Oxygen Bar to help our clients experience a wide range of benefits from improving circulation and relieving joint and muscle pain to giving their bodies a radiant glow and deeply calming their minds. Combined with our sister business, Tahoe Aesthetics, next door, our aesthetically pleasing South Lake Tahoe spa is a place for beauty, health and relaxation.

Japanese Cedar Detox Benefits

Detoxification is one of the myriad health benefits derived from Japanese Cedar Bath therapies, some of which have been proven by scientific research from Kanazawa Medical University in Hokkaido, Japan. The warming experience influences metabolic activity. The effects of increased metabolism from the immersion of heat and cedar help eliminate waste products and toxins through perspiration and lymphatic drainage. The medicinal properties of cedar regenerate the lymphatic system.

Learn about all the health benefits of our Japanese Cedar Baths.